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By Dante Waechter |
Vivek Mehmi is starting to build a reputation of perseverance.

No stranger to having to endure hard times, Vivek can relate to the current state of the world, “it’s tough, sometimes you think things are happening to you, setting you back and it’s unfortunate, but it actually may be happening for a bigger reason” he said.

The conscious rapper that hails from Mississauga has learned through his life journey that it's just not enough to have a stable job, or a wealth of money, but what actually brings happiness is finding purpose. 
“Purpose can serve as a motivator to shift your focus. You would think that working harder or more intensely would be more fruitful. But that may not always be the case. I had to approach my challenges differently, I took a different path to find my purpose”

He continued, “I wanted to create something that could last beyond my lifetime but also give back in a positive way. I learned that I needed to get through this, so I can share what I’ve learned. My music is my voice.”

Years ago, Vivek left the work force to manage his ongoing health concerns but he still remembers the lessons he learned. “I remember not feeling fulfilled. Even though I found success and was living comfortably, it wasn’t enough.”

“I am a big believer in connections” he continued, “I learned to trust everything was unfolding as it should, that I was meeting the right people at the right times to get me where I needed to be.” 

With a shifted focus in cultivating music and elevating artists, Vivek has applied those lessons to focus his message. “Considering the state of the world, I think a lot of people are out there right now struggling to find their purpose. Re-evaluating the things that they think make them happy and learning a lot about themselves.”

This was part of his motivation behind making a video for his song, Rubik’s Cube. He continued, “I wanted to tell a story about persisting through difficult times, whether its COVID related, or work related or just with your own mental health, that eventually things will make sense. Don’t give up.”

Vivek used some of Mississauga’s most recognizable landmarks as the backdrop for his story, including Erindale Park and Celebration Square.

“It was important for me to reflect different parts of Mississauga that people may be familiar with like the Melrose Towers or the stage at Celebration Square. This is my home and I wanted people to see that I am just like them, hustling just like they are, maybe even a neighbour”.

Vivek’s conscious lyrics and unique flow reflects his intent on approaching things differently. But one thing that remains consistent is his message of hope and positivity. Something we could all use more of. “Connections are key, we are only going to get through this together, so why not lift each other up?”

Rubik's Cube Music Video: Click Here
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Music Video Connects Mental Wellbeing and Purpose

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