India needs our help! On average there have been over 300,000 new cases of COVID19 in the last 7 days, and over 270,000 total deaths. Hospitals are running out of supplies and space for those infected. Our hearts are breaking for the people of India. Humble & Hungry artists and community members are ready to do our part! By raising funds and awareness to help support those that are suffering.


India has contributed so much to the fabric of our community; spiritual teachings, practices like yoga, meditation, music, art, tea and cuisine. We want to honour the culture and showcase our talented community. We will be hosting a two day live stream that will start 11am May 29th & 30th. It will be accessible through YoutubeTwitch, and Facebook Just click these names. We will feature a variety of practices, including: Musical acts, Yoga, Pranayama Breath-work, Sound Healing, Card Readings, Visual Art. There will also be chances to bid on prizes!


We are working with Sewa Canada International Inc. a registered charity, where 100% of donations are transferred to the effort on the ground for immediate relief and long term relief. All donations are tax deductible in Canada. Tax receipts will be issued automatically by GoFundMe via PayPal Giving Fund. Cheques are also welcome! When donating please type “Humble & Hungry” in the comments so we can keep track of our contribution to Sewa Canada.


Dante Waechter & Vivek discuss 
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