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A Valentine Hangover... Migraine Love

Valentines is the season of love and happiness. Where hearts are filled and optimism is in the air. But love is a mystery and sometimes the potential for a real connection could also be what leads to a broken heart. While some may enjoy the fruit of love's bliss, for others, its endless nights of self reflection, overthinking, and exhaustion.

Vivek Mehmi, a Mississauga Rapper, Producer and Promoter attempts to convey those feelings and emotions in his latest release “Migraine Love” off his upcoming Relation Ships EP.

Vivek is no stranger to mental anguish and physical pain; he chronicles his personal trauma through his music in creative and innovative ways. In some respects, Migraine Love was inspired by his own frequent migraines and the physical discomfort that comes with them. However, to a greater extent, it's clear that this song was inspired by experience. Vivek often uses real life emotions and situations to fuel his creative expression.

Migraine Love introduces layers of synths, drums and textural elements to reflect levels of complex frustration. The song never settles, it shifts energy and flows from one tempo to the next while Vivek switches his delivery with each change to keep pace. The result is a surreal journey of pain, heartache, and confusion.

Like most of his music, Vivek’s Migraine Love features a genre bending fusion of multiple styles. This song draws elements from Trip Hop, Alternative and Lo-fi Hip Hop. Yet despite remaining in the Hip Hop sphere, it could be argued that Vivek is carving out his own musical niche, one less definable and based more on emotions and expression than on conventional expectations. Perhaps a similar mainstream comparison would be the early music of Kanye West or Kid Cudi when they were still exploring the darker elements of human emotions.

Listen to the cathartic “Migraine Love” available on Feb 24th, Pre-Save it here

Written By Dante Waechter

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