The most difficult hardships in life can give birth to the most beautiful works of art. The creative process serves as both a mechanism for self-motivation and an outlet for expression. When faced with a profound health journey that changed the very state of my being, I realized I had to share my awareness and insight through my music. 


The COVID-19 situation in India is heartbreaking, with the help of the Humble & Hungry team, I am organizing a number of artists, healers and practitioners to come together to help raise funds and awareness for those who are suffering from the impacts of this disease. This event is taking place 11 am- 3pm on May 29th, and 30th. 

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Donations are to Sewa Canada, and are tax deductible in Canada, 100% of donations go to the relief efforts in India. Please ensure to write "Humble & Hungry" in the comments so we can see how much our community contributed. Thank you for your support! 


JAN 15 2021

This song is about solving your “puzzle” your own way, and having the perseverance to find your purpose and heal when you face challenges. to read the full press release please click here


A big shout out to the team behind this video who helped with filming, behind the scenes, editing, consultation, writing. Check each of them and their work by clicking on the hyperlinked names. 

Andrejs Baida, Dante Waechter, Andre Allen, Josh Demedeiros,

Jodi Lewis

Special thanks to Rubik's company, and Mississauga Arts Council.



This project documents my last 5 years. A journey through light and dark times, and the processing of emotions which accompanied that. Including the various levels of transformation and growth physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  


Without rain we would not be able to grow!


- Vivek